All-Day Brunch at Hatched - Gastronomic Ruminations


I love to indulge in a leisurely brunch on weekends, that's if I actually woke up on time for brunch. One of my favourite breakfast food is Pancakes (in addition to a long list of Asian breakfast items) however, of late, I've been having a crazy craving for Eggs Benedict. I've never been a huge fan of partially-cooked eggs as I'm very sensitive to the strong odour (I've been told the odour is due to the sulphur in the eggs) that many locally available eggs have. However, in recent years, I have been more willing to take partially cooked eggs as long as I can ascertain that they're not the regular local ones.

Sir Benedict @ Hatched
 Sir Benedict (Single) @ $12

It took me a long time to try out Hatched as an egg-inspired, all-day breakfast restaurant wasn't very high on my list of places to dine at. I had to try the Eggs Benedict. Boy, was I glad I did. The rich Hollandaise Sauce that covered the delicately poached egg atop a pan-fried slice of Black Forest Ham and a lightly-toasted half of an English Muffin was delicious! The warm and runny egg yolk merged with the creamy and slighty tangy Hollandaise Sauce before oozing over the ham and crisp muffin before pooling at the base of the muffin. Each time I cut the muffin up, the egg concoction is absorbed by the morsel of muffin, which glides smoothly over the tongue and is  salted by the smokily, savoury flavour of the lightly browned ham. This is a Must-Try! I loved the refreshing salad on the side but was not too hot on the mashed potato as I prefer a fluffier mash. In any case, I was saving tummy room for something else on the menu that I'd spied and was hoping  to be able to order in addition to my Eggs Benedict.

The Sleepover aka French Toast @ Hatched
The Sleepover @ $8
Thick slices of thick Brioche toasts soaked in eggs & served with Maple Syrup
 Hatched Special @ an additional $4: sandwiched with grilled bananas & crispy bacon

I absolutely adore French Toasts! It's one of my favourite comfort foods. I sometimes whip up some at home and drizzle a little Truffle Honey on top as I'm not too keen on Maple Syrup. I had mine with honey on the side instead. I also love the buttery richness of Brioche, so Brioche slices made into French Toasts was a match made in Heaven as far as I was concerned. The browned edges added a smoky flavour to the eggy sweetness of the French Toasts. This is a Must-Try!  I'm going to try the Hatched Special when I return.

Latte @ Hatched
Latte @ $5

I had to get my first caffeine fix of the day and so I ordered a Latte. It was a fairly strong cup and did it's job of perking me up. No sugar required.

26 Evans Road,
#01-06 Evans Lodge,
Singapore 259367
Tel: +65 6735-0012/13
Operating Hours:
Tuesday - Thursday: 8 am - 10 pm (last food order: 9.30 pm)
Friday & Saturday: 8 am - 11 pm (last food order: 9.30 pm)
Sunday: 8 am - 10 pm (last food order: 9.30 pm)