Secret Sensations by Häagen-Dazs, adding a saucy touch to ice cream


Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Secret Sensations warming to the core...

In stores from 1 November 2011, the launch of the new Secret Sensations premium range of ice cream by Häagen-Dazs is just in time for the year-end parties and merrymaking this festive season.

HD_CremeBrulee_ChocFond Cup
Image courtesy of Häagen-Dazs® & Word of Mouth Communications

Available in 2 flavours, Chocolat Fondant and Crème Brûlée, the Secret Sensations range was inspired by classical European desserts bearing the same names. What do all of them have in common? A contrast of textures within one serving, the firm juxtaposed against the soft.

Häagen-Dazs' innovative concept of encasing a molten sauce within a cup of rich ice cream is the first of its kind and brings a new spin towards enhancing the ice cream experience by adding a different texture than the chunks that have become increasingly commonplace.

HD_Chocolate_Fondant_Spoon  $5.95
Image courtesy of Häagen-Dazs® & Word of Mouth Communications

When eating a classical Chocolate Fondant dessert, the spongy texture of the chocolate cake seems to melt in the mouth and produce a warm and fluid chocolatey core. The Häagen-Dazs Chocolat Fondant is similar albeit at a much cooler temperature, the comparatively firmer chocolate ice cream, with bits of brownie for added texture, yields to a luscious chocolate sauce filling. If you love chocolate and like having a mélange of textures in your ice cream, this is a must-try!

A scoop of Haagen-Dazs Creme Brulee Secret Sensations
Image courtesy of Häagen-Dazs® & Word of Mouth Communications

To replicate the experience of biting onto the caramelized sugar crust on a traditional Crème Brûlée, Häagen-Dazs has incorporated crunchy caramelized sugar bits into the decadently creamy custard ice cream, which conceals a smoky caramel sauce at its core. I know of a friend who would probably be thrilled as she absolutely loves Crème Brûlée and sometimes tells me she has a craving for this dessert at really strange hours.

HD Secret Sensations Twin Pack $10.95
Twin Pack @ S$10.95 or sold separately @ S$5.95 per mini cup
Image courtesy of Häagen-Dazs® & Word of Mouth Communications

Perhaps sensing the dilemma the consumer would face in having to choose between either flavour, Häagen-Dazs has thoughtfully put together a twin pack with both flavours at an attractive price of S$10.95 which works out to close to a S$1 discount as compared to buying both flavours separately.

Negative Demo: How not to eat your Secret Sensations ice cream

Please let the ice cream sit for 10 minutes in room temperature for it to soften sufficiently so that you can dig right into the centre instead of whittling away at the sides like I did in my impatience.

Get your Secret Sensations indulgence from 1st November 2011 at major retailers and Häagen-Dazs cafes located islandwide. For more information, visit

PS: Thank you Häagen-Dazs and Word of Mouth Communications for the hospitality.