Blue Bottle Coffee @ Ferry Building, San Francisco


"Remember to visit Blue Bottle Coffee Co."  Pearls of wisdom from my friend and trusted coffee advisor, DH.

Blue Bottle Coffee Latte - quick shot

I'd not heard of Blue Bottle Coffee Co as my crazy work schedule over the past few years meant that I was pretty much living under a rock. I trust DH's taste in coffee, after all, I've known him for about 15 years. He was one of my favourite Baristas in Singapore before he moved into training. He knows that I have to get a daily caffeine fix or two. :)


During my daytrip to San Francisco, I was excited when I spotted Blue Bottle Coffee Co in the main arcade of the Ferry Building. There was a very long line though, perhaps in large part because it was Labour Day Weekend. I don't like standing in line but for worthwhile ventures such as good coffee, I would. I didn't have too long to wait as the line move pretty quickly and in 15 minutes, I was placing my order.

DM ordered a New Orleans Style Iced Coffee which I didn't have the time to snap a picture of because he was holding it and we had to get moving out of the line. I tried some of his coffee and it was awesome! I have to say this is far and away the best iced coffee I ever had and that's rich coming from a person who doesn't enjoy iced coffee as much as I like hot coffee. The secret is in steeping coffee grounds in cold water instead of brewing and then chilling coffee. The heat from brewing coffee releases acids and oils which causes the coffee to become increasingly bitter as it chills in the refrigerator. Cold brewed coffee is significantly less acidic than regular brewed coffee, which makes it easier on the tummies of folks who are prone to over-acidity. The smoothness of cold brewed coffee allows the natural sweetness of the milk to lend flavour to the drink. No syrup required.

Later shot of my Blue Bottle Coffee Latte

Caffe Latte @ USD 3.75

The Caffe Latte I ordered was very smooth on the palate and did not leave a bitter aftertaste. The rich, fresh, almost-clean-tasting and creamy flavour of the perfectly frothed Clover Organic Whole Milk imparted sufficient sweetness to the drink. I contemplated moving to San Francisco just for the coffee and for the chance to get a good supply of awesome tasting milk that reminded me of my trip to Provence where I stayed mostly in French farmhouses (known as Mas) and savoured fresh milk and freshly churned butter daily!

Now that I'm back in Singapore, I still reminisce about the fullness of flavour that I experienced at Blue Bottle Coffee Co with their perfectly extracted espresso, rich-tasting Clover milk and smooth-tasting iced coffee. I also love that both companies believe in sustainability and the goodness of organic produce.

Visit their websites for more details: Blue Bottle Coffee Co: and Clover:

Blue Bottle Coffee Co's coffees are a Must-Try!

Blue Bottle Coffee Co. 
Ferry Building Marketplace,
Shop #7, 1 Ferry Building.
San Francisco
Operating Hours: Mondays to Saturdays: 7am - 7pm 
Sundays: 8am - 5pm