Lagoon Chicken Curry Puffs @ East Coast Lagoon Food Village

Chicken Curry Puff @ S$1.20
This is one of my favourite stalls at East Coast Lagoon Food Village. I would usually buy a curry puff to munch on while waiting for the rest of the food to be served. For those who are unfamiliar with curry puffs, these are a popular snack in Singapore. Think of them as spiced up mini versions of Calzones (covered pizzas) or Cornish Pasties or Empanadas.

Mum and I have been major fans of this curry puff for as long as I can remember as we both love our spices! Since I was already at the hawker centre to buy Stewed Pork Knuckle, I stopped by this stall to buy some curry puffs home. The uncle was frying a fresh batch when I arrived and I waited a couple of minutes before the piping hot curry puffs were ready to be packed.


Here's a picture of the cross-section of the curry puff. The curry puff pastry was crisp, slightly crumbly and light as it was freshly fried. I like that the pastry for Lagoon Curry Puffs is not too thick unlike the pastry used at some other establishments. The potato cubes were soft but not excessively mushy, the chicken bits were tender and the curry gravy that coated the ingredients was spicy and slightly fluid. I liked the slightly runny gravy as it gave the filling a juicy touch.  If you are unable to consume spicy food, this is probably not the curry puff for you as the piquant curry used here will have you reaching for a glass of water. For spicy food lovers (like me), this is a Must-Try!

Lagoon Chicken Curry Puff Storefront
Lagoon Chicken Curry Puffs

1220 East Coast Parkway Stall 28 East Coast Lagoon Food Village Singapore 468960

Operating Hours: Daily from 12pm to 9pm