Omakase @ Kaiho Sushi

Dim Sum Dolly was headed to Hong Kong for a year. M Eats (previously known as Skinny Epicurean), C, S and I bade Dim Sum Dolly farewell over lunch at Kaiho Sushi @ Cuppage Plaza. C, S and I ordered the Omakase @ S$80++ per person.
Otoshi - Chilled Shiso Sprouts in Marinated in a Dashi-based broth with Bonito Flakes
Otoshi (appetizer)
Chilled Shiso Sprouts marinated with Dashi-based broth & topped with Bonito flakes
Our Omakase started with an Otoshi (appetizer) of Chilled Shiso Sprouts that had been marinated in a Dashi-based broth topped with Bonito flakes. I love the umami-rich flavour of Dashi (a basic Japanese broth made from seaweed and dried tuna) and so I was pleased with this combination of crunchy stalks of Shiso Sprouts topped with fragrant Bonito (dried tuna and aka Katsuoboshi) flakes.
Sashimi Platter
Sashimi Moriawase  (assorted sashimi platter)
Sashimi is the highlight of any Omakase for me. I was very pleased to note that there was Toro (fatty tuna) in the platter. I loved the rich and buttery flavour of the tuna belly. The thick chunks of King Crab claws were very alluring. I enjoyed the succulent sweetness of the crab. I am not a fan of shellfish like Ark Shell (Akagai) or Geoduck (Mirugai) so I was not too hot about them.
Shimeji Soup
Shimeiji Soup

We were then served some Shimeiji (mushroom) Soup with tofu cubes and leek. I love mushrooms and tofu so I enjoyed this clean tasting broth while my tummy awaited more gastronomic pleasures.

Tai Nitsuke - Seabream in Sweet Sake & Soy Sauce
Tai Nitsuke
Seabream in Sweet Sake Soy Sauce
We were served one fish each. The fish was very fresh and firm but as I don't like sweet food, I didn't enjoy the dish as much as I would have if the fish had simply been grilled with salt (shioyaki). It was a good thing that M helped me out with the fish else it would have been largely wasted.
Sushi Platter Sushi Moriawase From top: Hotate Aburi (Torched Scallop), Toro Aburi (Torched Toro),  Mekajiki Aburi (Torched Swordfish) & Uni (Sea Urchin) Gunkan Maki
Next, we were served some sushi. Aburi Sushi refers to Nigiri Sushi (sushi with raw fish on top of the rice ball) that has had the topping seared with a blowtorch.  I enjoyed the Hotate Aburi as the smokiness of the caramelized sugar in the scallop enhanced its fresh sweetness and also went well with the creaminess of the mayonnaise. The Toro Aburi was with any and all Toro creations. The searing of the fatty tuna has caused the fat to melt and coat the seasoned rice granules with a rich flavour that was topped by the smoky buttery medium-rare slice of Toro. I love the firmness of Mekajiki (Swordfish) and having it torched was interesting but I prefer the raw version.
Uni Gunkan
Uni Gunkan Maki

Finally, the Uni (Sea Urchin) Gunkan (battleship-shaped sushi) Maki. The freshness of the sea is perfectly contained in each rich, smooth, sweet and creamy piece of Uni (it's Uni season in Japan). Definitely a Must-Try in any reputable Japanese restaurant during Hokkaido Uni season.

Prepping the Wasabi & Toro Aburi Sushi
Sushi Chef Bernard Tang told us about a tip that he learnt from a Japanese chef some time back.  Apparently copious amounts of freshly grated wasabi is not nose-clearingly, eyes-tearingly spicy when seared with a blowtorch. Kitchen science at work!
Toro & Wasabi Aburi Gunkan Maki
Toro & Wasabi Aburi Gunkan Maki  Seared Fatty Tuna & Wasabi Sushi
We were game for the challenge...especially since a slice of seared Toro would be the icing on the blob of wasabi (about 60% of the size of the slice of fish. We popped it into our mouths and anticipated the face-reddening burn...but hmm, no burn and no need for tissue paper to wipe away our tears. So this really works eh? In place of the burn, we came to appreciate the mildly sweet flavour of fresh wasabi. An interesting variation of Toro Aburi Sushi.
Shirasu & Uni Gunkan - Whitebait & Uni Sushi
Shirasu & Uni Gunkan Maki
Whitebait & Sea Urchin Sushi
S had tried the Shirasu and Uni Sushi on a previous visit and highly recommended it to the Uni fiends. We were thrilled when yet another Uni topped sushi was served. The firm slivers of Shirasu danced a little in the mouth and though the texture was slippery, it did not feel overly slimy nor rubbery. I felt that the delicate and fresh flavour of the Shirasu was overpowered by the richer flavour of the Uni but it lent the sushi a crunchier dimension in terms of texture.
Musk Melon
Musk Melon
I love Musk Melon and couldn't help eating it before remembering that I'd forgotten to take a picture of my dessert. It was very fragrant, sweet, juicy and tender to the bite. The Musk Melon has to be the most melon-y (am I making sense here?) tasting fruit ever! It's like how eating a Kyoho Grape makes you think that you've never really tasted a grape till you've tried one.  Chef Bernard explained to us that the interesting layers and textures are achieved by cutting a musk melon in half and then refrigerating it for a few days to allow the cold to compress the juice  into the melon thereby intensifying the flavour while creating a gummier texture. The texture reminded me of the compressed melon cubes that Tippling Club served although in terms of flavour, the Musk Melon wins hands down.

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