Xin Sheng Ngoh Hiang & Prawn Crackers @ Food Republic, VivoCity

Another of my favourite stalls at Food Republic is the Ngoh Hiang stall located along the same stretch as the Laksa stall and the Fried Hokkien Mee stall. I think the operators may have changed for this stall too as the presentation is different now.

Ngoh Hiang @ Food Republic, VivoCity
Pardon the White Balance as am still learning how to use my Nikon

As my relatives have not tried the Ngoh Hiang here before, I ordered some to share. The name Ngoh Hiang is actually a Hokkien term referring to the Five Spice Powder 五香 粉 that is used to season the pork filling that is wrapped in thin beancurd skin and then deep-fried. The hawker s would sell Ngoh Hiang along with lots of other varieties of similar fried snacks to suit different taste buds.

The platter in the picture above comprises:

1) Bean Curd @ S$1 each
2) You Tiao/Yew Char Kway (Dough Fritter) @ S$1.20 each
3) Prawn Cracker @ S$1 each
4) Ngoh Hiang @ S$1 each
5) Fish Cake @ S$0.70 each
6) Prawn Roll @ S$1.20 each
7) Fish Ball @ S$0.40 each
8) Spring Roll @ S$1 each

The Ngoh Hiang here is pretty fragrant and tasty with a crisp exterior. The Fish Cake and Fish Balls were not spectacular but decent. The Prawn Roll was nicely moist on the inside but the You Tiao had been over-fried resulting in a hard mass.

Ngoh Hiang - Food Republic, VivoCity
Taken with my Canon last year

Here's a picture of the Ngoh Hiang that I ate at Food Republic in VivoCity last year. Besides being served on a banana leaf instead of waxed paper, the stallkeeper had sprinkled crushed peanuts before serving. Oh how quickly things change in Singapore, especially with the fast declining quality of local fare. :(

Xin Sheng Ngoh Hiang & Prawn Crackers
Food Republic,
1 HarbourFront Walk,
#03-01 VivoCity,
Singapore 098585