Hup Seng Braised Duck Rice @ Sin Ming Road

My mum told me that in addition the popular Bak Kut Teh Stall, the duck rice here is famous too and that we should try the Braised Duck and their signature Salted Vegetable Duck Soup.

Hup Seng Duck Rice's Signboard - Sin Ming

There was a long queue. We waited in line for close to 15 minutes before we could place our orders.

Teochew Braised Duck - Sin Ming
Teochew Braised Duck (about S$15)

The braised duck was succulent and well-infused with the savoury and fragrantly spiced soya sauce-based gravy. Thankfully, they did not thicken the richly flavoured gravy with starch. I enjoyed adding the gravy to my steamed rice.

Chili Sauce for the duck

The chili sauce that was served with the duck was slightly tart, slightly spicy and whetted the appetite for more duck. The braised duck is a Must-Try!

Salted Vegetables & Duck Soup
Salted Vegetables Duck Soup (about S$15)

On the flip side of the coin, the Salted Vegetables Duck Soup was appalling! No wonder mum kept saying that its gotten so bad, she didn't feel inclined to order this anymore even though she used to love it. As this was my first time visiting this coffeeshop and the soup was supposed to be famous, she thought I should try it anyway. The soup had a strong gamey flavour and a weird almost chemical-like flavour. We couldn't figure out what the strange flavour was but it tasted a little like a synthetic version of Blue Ginger (aka Lengkuas or Galangal) if there ever is such a flavouring. Even my brother who isn't terribly picky with food didn't like it.

Hup Seng Duck Rice
Block 22,
#01-258 Sin Ming Road,
Singapore 570022
Tel: 6454-3810

Operating Hours:
Mondays to Fridays: 9am-2.30pm
Saturdays & Sundays: 9am-1.30pm
Closed on Thursdays