Funniest Food Picture of the Year, 2008 edition [Not suitable for children]

Cute lil reindeer perched atop our profiterole hill

It all started innocently enough. GK had kindly brought us a little hill made of profiteroles (baked by Charles of Classic Cakes). As Christmas was fast approaching, he had spruced it up with Christmassy ornaments. Having just eaten a very substantial dinner, we sat admiring the the profiterole hill and the reindeer perched atop it, while trying to find room in our tummies for more food.

Boy, I'm never going to see Frosty & Rudolph in the same light ever again!
Food Picture of the Year 2008 - Notti but cute!

That was till RS decided that the decor needed a more interesting touch. Boy, I am never going to look at a profiterole with a straight face ever again!

Cheekiness aside, the profiteroles were awesome! Each bite of the soft choux pastry yielded a lovely mouthful of freshly whipped cream that wasn't excessively sweetened, coupled with the light, savoury and buttery pastry.

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