My Favourite Goreng Pisang!

Changi Village Food Centre
Changi Village is tucked away in a quiet district in the Eastern part of Singapore (close to the airport). The beach is crowded on weekends with joggers, cyclists, sunseekers, picnickers and people who like to watch the planes fly by.
The hawker centre here is famous both for Nasi Lemak (@ "International Muslim Food Stall", #01-57. Look for the long queue) as well as chicken wings, fish & chips and beer at Charlie's Corner (#01-08). My favourite Goreng Pisang (fried banana fritters) is from "Million Star Goreng Pisang" stall.
Fav Goreng Pisang @ Changi V.JPG
The uncle uses Pisang Raja (which is reputed to be one of the best types of bananas to make goreng pisang with because of its fragrance and sweetness). The batter was light and crispy without being excessively oily. This is best eaten hot. The combination of warm, custard-like, sweet bananas and the aromatic flavour of the savoury batter is enough to "drive me bananas " with yearning to eat more.

Million Star Goreng Pisang Block 2 Changi Village Road # 01-06 Changi Village Hawker's Centre