Tea @ Hediard Café - Tudor Court, Singapore

I love weekends (doesn't everybody?) because I get to chill and to catch up with friends. One of my favourite activities is to have tea with my fabulous group of gal pals. We met at Hediard, one of SS' favourite spots for tea. Hediard, like Fauchon, is known worldwide for their teas and other gourmet products. I've been a big fan of Fauchon's Apple Tea since my teens but somehow never got around to trying teas from Hediard.

Caesar Salad.JPG

Caesar Salad

WSS ordered a Caesar Salad but as we have a "food exchange programme" (read: picking off each other's plates), we all tried the salad. It was delicious as the saltiness of the anchovies (though not an original ingredient but one that I love) and shaved parmesan cheese enhanced the flavour of the creamy dressing that went perfectly with the fresh and crunchy leaves of romaine lettuce.

Taboule salad with fresh mint leaves.JPG

Tabouleh Salad with Mint Leaves

I ordered a Tabouleh Salad with Mint Leaves as I was trying to watch my food intake. Tabouleh is an Arabic salad that is made of bulgur wheat, tossed with lemon juice, chopped parsley, chopped mint, tomatoes, olive oil and black pepper. I enjoy eating this salad because it has a refreshing flavour, is nutritious and has a lightly nutty flavour. Unfortunately, this version arrived with a lot less chopped parsley and chopped mint than I expected but nonetheless was still sufficiently delicious. My friends found it an interesting change from the usual salad greens.

I had learnt how to prepare Tabouleh as one of the dishes in a Mezze (a Middle Eastern selection of finger foods, similar to Tapas in Spain) during a culinary demonstration at Coriander Leaf. I have not gotten round to making Tabouleh yet as its hard to find an audience for such a dish in Singapore. However, some of my friends enjoy Hummus (a Middle Eastern dip made with chickpeas, Tahini [sesame seed paste] and lemon juice) so I hope that it won't be long before they'll appreciate Tabouleh in a similar manner.

Truffle Juice Omelette.JPG

Truffle Juice Omelette

SS ordered her favourite Truffle Juice Omelette. When it arrived, the aroma of hot butter and truffles drove us crazy. We couldn't resist digging into her omelette! It was excellently prepared as the omelette was fluffy and perfectly infused with the intoxicatingly nutty flavour of black truffles. This is definitely a MUST-TRY!

Moelleux Chocolat avec Vanilla Anglaise.JPG

Moelleux Chocolat avec Vanille Anglaise [Molten Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Creme Anglaise]

The molten chocolate cake here was deliciously complemented with the Creme Anglaise (light pouring custard often served as a sauce for dessert). However, many restaurants serve a decent molten chocolate cake so I must say that whilst this was good, it didn't particularly stand out for me. That said, as a chocolate-lover, I must confess that it would be difficult for me to pass on this dessert. If you love chocolates, give it a try anyway, you won't be disappointed.

Hediard's Tea Set.JPG

When in Hediard, try the Hediard Blend...that was the philosophy I had when it came to ordering my tea. Its essentially Chinese Tea blended with bergamot, lemon and sweet orange flavour. It reminded me of a citrusy version of Earl Grey Tea (which I love) and is definitely worth a try! I love how the matching tea service set looks against the bright red paper placemat. Speaking of the placemat, the entire place is decked out in Hediard's trademark red and black which is cool!
Hediard's Sweet Companions.JPG
Here's a pic of the Madeleines, sugar vials and chocolates that are served with the coffee and tea. I'm not too hot on Madeleines because they are sweet but I certainly enjoyed the chocolate! This place is a great place to hang out on a weekend as it doesn't get too crowded and the quality of the food here is good. Do take note though that the prices aren't cheap and this meal set us all back by about S$40 each.

Hediard Café-Boutique 123-125 Tanglin road Singapore 247921 Phone: +65 6333-6683

Open Daily : 9am-8pm