CNY Lunch @ New Majestic Restaurant

Last Chinese New Year, a couple of girls and I had lunch at New Majestic Restaurant.
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We wanted to celebrate Chinese New Year with Yusheng. We were thrilled to find that they offered the traditional version with Ikan Parang (Wolf-Herring aka "Sai Toh Yu" in Cantonese). I prefer Ikan Parang to Salmon or Abalone yushengs as the fish is sweet and tender. The dressing here was a little lighter than the usual version which was great because it wasn't so heavy on the stomach. The price of this portion was about $38 (if my memory serves me well).
Majestic's Trio of Appetizers

We'd ordered a Set Lunch (priced at about $45) which commenced with a Trio of Appetizers. The dish consisted of Roast Pork & Marinated Jellyfish, Wasabi Crispy Prawn & Mango, and Siew Mai with Tobiko. We enjoyed all of them immensely as the skin of the Roast Pork was very crisp and wasn't too oily. It was served on a small bed of mustard that added a slightly spicy dimension. The jellyfish was seasoned with a deliciously savoury dressing and had a crunchy texture. The Wasabi prawn was crunchy and had a crisp skin that had been coated with a slightly piquant wasabi mayonnaise dressing. It's no surprise that this is one of the signature dishes for this restaurant and is a MUST-TRY! By contrast, the Siew Mai was the most ordinary of the lot however, the topping of Tobiko (flying fish roe) added a crunchy texture which was an interesting variation from the normal topping of crab roe.

Majestic's Double-Boiled Sharksfin Soup

That was followed by a bowl of Double-Boiled Shark's Fin Soup. The broth was excellent and the fins were crunchy. I've always loved shark's fin but I'm trying to restrain myself and avoid eating shark's fin as far as possible these days. I succumbed to temptation on this occasion.

Fish, Lamb & Tofu @ Majestic

That was followed by a serving of Steamed Fish, which was sweet and I especially liked eating it with the topping of scallions and coriander. We'd ordered an additional a la carte dish of Grilled Rack of Lamb in Chinese Honey, served with Pan-Fried Carrot Cake to share (this is one of the signature dishes and is also a Must-Try). I enjoyed the tenderness and slight sweetness of the lamb in contrast with the savoury carrot cake. We all loved the Braised Tofu with Crabmeat as the tofu was pleasantly soft and the gravy rich with the flavour of crab.

Majestic's Horfun & Dumpling

By the time the carb dish arrived, we were beginning to feel pretty full. In spite of that, we had to try this dish of Chicken Horfun (rice noodles) and Dumpling. The Horfun was smooth and delicately seasoned and the dumpling was chockful of ingredients. The broth was tasty and went well with the horfun. If only we weren't so full.

Majestic Desserts

We considered skipping dessert but couldn't resist the tempting options. One of the girls ordered the Ice-Cream platter which arrived with a topping of red beans, chopped strawberries & mango, pomelo and frozen grapes. Another girl had the Mango Puree which blanketed a scoop of delicious vanilla ice cream. I had the Avocado Puree which covered a scoop of vanilla ice cream and was drizzled with Gula Melaka syrup. I love avocadoes and so I enjoyed my dessert very much. Unfortunately, I couldn't finish my dessert as I was too stuffed.

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