All-Day Brunch @ Superfamous

Pancakes are my all-time favourite breakfast food so when Superfamous started their All-Day Brunch menu, I HAD to get my pancake fix. The pancakes here are perfectly-shaped, probably because a mould was used to pour the pancake batter into.


The pancakes were just a little too dry for my liking but the texture was reasonably fluffy. If you've had rubbery pancakes before, I'm sure that you'd agree that the worst pancakes in the world are rubbery ones that could serve as frisbees. Luckily, the pancakes here are not frisbee-material.

I loved the light texture and mild flavour of the Ricotta cheese, the sweet yet slightly tart flavour of fresh strawberries and the rich-tasting avocado slices that seemed to melt in the mouth. I especially loved how the slab of honeycomb butter on top added flavour to the pancakes. If you're watching what you eat, I think the entire combo sans butter would make a pretty healthy meal. I should be watching my diet but have absolutely no self-discipline when it comes to food and find myself to succumbing to temptation all too often.


I'm a coffee-freak and could never resist completing my meal with an excellent cuppa Latte. They use Illy coffee here and the Barista does a pretty good job of creating a leaf in the foam of the latte. It's the little touches like these that add to the pleasure of savouring an excellently brewed cup of coffee. I found myself coming back ever so often for a coffee fix. This is a Must-Try!


Unfortunately for me, the coffee comes with a scrumptious-looking cookie that was just screaming "EAT-ME!" I had to comply. :P The cookie was a delectable oatmeal and raisin cookie with a touch of golden honey. It went perfectly with the coffee. :)

67 Chulia Street
Singapore 049515
(next to OCBC Centre and the Henry Moore sculpture)
Tel: 65 6223 0038

Operating Hours:

Monday to Friday 9:30am - 5pm Bistro/Cafe
5pm - 12midnight Champagne/Martini Bar