Donut Factory

Donut Factory
Donut Factory
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My very first box of donuts from Donut Factory @ Raffles City!

I have walked past the outlet on countless occasions but never felt inclined to join the queue as I've been told that it can take up to 2 hours. So, how did I finally get this box of donuts? Well, Mia was so sweet to sacrifice 45 mins from her lunch break to queue for me because it was my birthday and she wanted to do something special.

I was so touched when I received this box of donuts! It's certainly one of my most memorable gifts!

The flavours are (from top left to bottom right): Orange White Chocolate, Mint Dark Chocolate, Coffee Roasted Almond, Raspberry Dark Chocolate, Apple Cinnamon & Hazelnut Milk Chocolate.

A few of us shared the Mint Dark Chocolate after a scrumptious Omakase dinner at Tomo. It was delicious!

I kept the rest of the donuts in the fridge and brought it to work the next day. I shared the Hazelnut Milk Chocolate with MW & Cheryl the next morning. If the donuts tasted good the night before (on the day of purchase), it tasted even better the next day probably because I "nuked" (read: microwaved) the donut for 8 seconds. Yes, it has to be 8 seconds & not more nor less...Mia was very specific about it when she gave me the donuts.

Unfortunately, the microwave oven in my office didn't have a keypad but had a dial which timed by minutes instead. I literally stood in front of the microwave counting..."one thousand...two thousand"...etc. This was much to the amusement of the 2 pantry ladies & a colleague who happened to walk by when I was at "6 thousand". I felt a little like The Count from Sesame Street, "Eight! Muwahaha!" *thunder & lightning in the background*

If you ever buy these donuts, definitely "nuke" them for 8 seconds! The resultant effect was a warm, soft & yet fluffy donut! Although the donuts seemed a little moist after being warmed up, I think this is a small issue which can probably be resolved by placing a kitchen towel under the donut before "nuking". Everyone of my colleagues who managed to grab a morsel of the donuts were "sold" and fully understood what the fuss and the crazy queues are all about! The donuts are not excessively sweet and were fragrant!

My favourite flavours out of this box are as follows (ranked in order of preference):

1) Mint Dark Chocolate
2) Apple Cinnamon [I love cinnamon & when warmed up this was so fragrant it reminded me of Hot Apple Pie]
3) Hazelnut Milk Chocolate [I prefer dark chocolate but this tasted good because of the hazelnuts]
4) Coffee Roasted Almonds
5) Raspberry Dark Chocolate [I didn't really like the raspberry filling as it was a little too sweet for me but the dark chocolate helped to counter the sweetness]
6) Orange White Chocolate

If you're intending to spend sometime queuing, I've been told that the Suntec City branch's queue moves alot faster because their production line is much more efficient than the original branch @ Raffles City. Good luck!

Donut Factory

#B1-61 Raffles City Shopping Centre
250 North Bridge Road
Singapore 179101

#01-193 Suntec City Tower 3
3 Temasek Boulevard
Singapore 038985