The Wooden Spoon's Oatmeal Jumble

Wooden Spoon.jpg
En route from Sofra to Tom's Palette for ice cream, I got distracted and stopped at The Wooden Spoon to buy some cookies.

I love the cozy feel that this shop has because it is decorated like a rustic country kitchen. If you're a fan of Hansel & Gretel, you'd be looking for a Gingerbread House. Luckily the lady running this place is not a witch but a camera-shy lady who barely cracks a smile even while I was trying to entice her to pose for the camera. She's really focused on the task at hand... pack the 200 grams of Oatmeal Jumble that I ordered. I'm not complaining because LB was waiting for me in the ice cream parlour so I had to scramble. I love the fragrant and buttery taste of these cookies which are a perfect melange of oatmeal and raisins. I've eaten 200 grams of these cookies in one sitting before. They're quite addictive.

Mission Accomplished. Here's my bag of cookies posing next to their buddies in the cookie jar. This is a MUST-TRY if you happen to be in Shaw Leisure Gallery.

The Wooden Spoon
100 Beach Road,
#01-24 Shaw Leisure Gallery,
Singapore 189702
Tel: 6297-8839