Popeyes Fried Chicken @ T1, Changi Airport

After such a scrumptious lunch with LB at Dian Xiao Er, I felt full most of the day which was good because it sustained me while I was working. I then had to make a mad rush for the airport so I wouldn't miss my flight to Gold Coast. Being a person who eats a lot generally and especially so when under stress, I tend to get hungry very easily. I usually snack at about 4pm on a regular workday. I guess this is a large reason why I've been finding it really hard to lose weight in recent months, of course the larger reason is my love for food and my inability to resist culinary temptations.

My travel companions and I had about half an hour to spare. We were hungry and I suggested that we should eat at Popeyes, my favourite Fried Chicken! A couple of the girls in the group love Popeyes too and so with the few of us telling the rest of the party how good the fried chicken was in comparison with KFC, we had the entire group raring to go for Popeyes!

Like KFC, Popeyes Fried Chicken has 2 flavours: Original and Spicy but Popeyes chicken tastes alot better than KFC's. I opted for an original-flavoured 2 piece meal with Buttermilk Biscuit and Mashed Potatoes (not portrayed in the above picture). I love the chicken at Popeyes because the skin of the chicken is consistently crispy whereas I sometimes wind up with soggy chicken skin at KFC. The chicken pieces also tend to be juicier than the ones at KFC.

In addition, the chicken at Popeyes somehow doesn't have the strong "freezer taste" that KFC has. It's hard to describe the "freezer taste" that I dislike so much but basically it tastes of stale blood that permeates the flesh of the chicken. Of course, Popeyes uses frozen chicken but I'm guessing that its from a different supplier than the one for KFC. This is just my personal view on the taste of the chicken. I love buttermilk biscuits and I used to love the one at Popeyes until this visit because it was too hard for my liking.

I know of many friends who like Popeyes so much that they're willing to drive across town to Changi Airport just to eat it. I'm glad I'm living in the East so its closer to me. This is a MUST-TRY if you happen to love fried chicken and/or happen to be in Changi Airport.

As for the existing Popeyes fans out there, do you think about the movie Little Nicky when you eat Popeyes chicken? Popeyes reminds me of Adam Sandler walking around with a tub of Popeyes chicken held close to his chest with one arm and a chicken in hand, which he usually offers to people that he meets. I told a couple of my friends this with varied responses. Some remember the movie, some never watched the movie but one guy actually commented that the title sounds like a R-Rated flick. Huh? It does???