Mei Lock Soursop @ Old Airport Road FC

The weather was very warm, I needed an icy cold drink fast. I looked around and found Mei Lock Sugar Cane Juice. However, what drew me to the stall was not the sugar cane drinks that the stall keeper was selling but the soursops that were on display.

I love soursop! The prospect of being able to enjoy an icy cup of soursop with lemon juice was very appealing and so I ordered a cup. Having eaten quite a bit (yes, you'll be amazed by how much food the 4 of us tucked away that afternoon in Old Airport Road Food Centre), the slightly sweetish tartness of the soursop intermingled with lemon juice was most refreshing and served as an excellent fruity digestif.

The stall keeper, Mr Kelvin Khoo, is a most jovial person. He told ieat and the rest of us the story about how he set up his stall about 30 years ago. Can you believe this guy's been doing this for 30 years already? He doesn't look that old! He told us that his specialty is Ice Blended Soursop. We asked why did he think of Ice Blended Soursop? Could he be a homegrown Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf rival for fruity ice blended drinks in the making? Kidding! His reason was simple. Many of his clients like his soursop drink but some have to take away their soursop fix and the soursop bits tend to jam up the straw. Thus, he decided to blend the soursop to make it easier for them to drink. How considerate? We tried some and boy, was it a refreshing change from the usual soursop drink. I'll definitely go back for more when I'm in the area.

Mei Lock Soursoup
Blk 51 Old Airport Road Food Centre
Stall # 01-123P
Singapore 390051
Kelvin Khoo @ 9105-9644