A Tale of 2 Kway Teows

I guess you must be wondering what tale could I possibly spin about Kway Teow, the flat white rice noodle that I love to eat? Actually, nothing more than telling you how I indulged my craving for good ole Singaporean Hawker Fare the weekend ahead of my vacation to Bali.
My friend, FW, was craving Char Kway Teow (Fried Rice Noodles in Dark Sauce) so we had lunch at Parkway Parade's basement food court. The Char Kway Teow was pretty good because Uncle was rather generous with the dark sauce and vegetables. We enjoyed this dish but found the Chye Tow Kway (fried carrot cake) from the same store to be rather bland.

I love Beef Kway Teow so if I can't get my fix at Lavender Food Square (my all-time favourite), I would usually go for the stall at Parkway Parade's food court, which is pretty good & closer to home. I love my Kway Teow to be of the thin variety (similar to Ipoh Hor Fun) instead of the regular thick ones.
Thus, the tale of 2 kway teows is essentially about my having a bowl of Beef Kway Teow and "sampling" some of FW's Char Kway Teow. Yes, I know, that's alot of carbs to consume in one-sitting but at least I'm not eating Foie Gras again. Hmm...though on second thoughts, I'm wondering which is worse...the Char Kway Teow or the Foie Gras? Its time to start thinking of an exercise regime to help moi look less "prosperous".