Wild Mushroom Risotto with Arugula

Mushroom Risotto with Arugula.jpg

I love mushrooms, risotto & arugula in any combination or separately (amongst other things). Of course, I love truffles far more than mushrooms but its not very often that one has the pleasure of partaking in a truffle-sprinkled meal. Yes, that would be indulgent (not to mention, potentially extremely damaging to the wallet) but it would be a most divine experience! Its the stuff that food dreams are made of. Plus, its Truffle Season!

I should stop fantasizing about truffles & try to convince my friends that we should organize a truffle tasting soon.

When I ate a dish of Wild Mushroom Risotto with Arugula & Parmesan while in Melbourne in Dec 05, I could not help but snap a pic of it.

I wish there was more cheese in my Risotto but nonetheless, the mushrooms were nicely flavoured & the Arborio Rice was al dente!

I've had my fair share of soggy risottos...getting a risotto dish done just right is downright gastronomically pleasing! :)

All this talk about mushroom & truffles is making me crave a Truffle Risotto.