Restaurant Ember @ Hotel 1929

Pan Roasted Foie Gras.0.jpg
Restaurant Ember is a small and cosy establishment, thus getting a reservation on a Friday night can be really tough. I was lucky to make it there twice in the last month.As always, whenever I see foie gras, my blinders come on and I get fixated on it. Fortunately, some of my girlfriends love foie gras too so we decided to share so that we can avoid consuming too much in one sitting.

The Pan-Roasted Foie Gras here is very well-cooked with the surfaces nicely browned and crispy with just the right texture when you bite into it. The texture was not overly runny (which is awful) neither was it over-cooked such that it becomes a piece of Michelin tyre in disguise.

The Angel Hair Pasta (aka Capellini) with Sakura Ebi & tossed in Lobster Oil was delicious! The pasta was al dente and the flavour was amazing!

My friend who had the Miso-Marinated Cod said that it was pretty tasty. Looking at her dish, my guess is that a sweet miso paste was used as the crust was well-caramelised.

The Seafood Linguine in White Wine Sauce was really delicious because the seafood was very fresh and the pasta was well-seasoned with garlic, pepper, stock and fragrant white wine.The Beef Tenderloin was cooked just the way I like it, medium-rare. Though I usually do not like any sauce on my steak, the sauce that Chef Sebastian added and the robustness of the Stewed Veal added depth to the flavour of the dish. The bed of wilted spinach was a refreshing touch.

Friends who ate the Lamb enjoyed it very much however, they found the Sweet Potato Mash that accompanied it to be a little too sweet for their taste.

I've forgotten the name of this dish as it was another girl who ordered it. I think it was Snapper Pan-Fried with Lobster Roe. She said it was not too bad but I think she didn't really enjoy it as much, especially after tasting the other mains.

The Warm Banana Tart with Lavender Ice-Cream was to die for! The caramelized bananas were delicious and the taste of the lavender ice-cream was exquisite. Unfortunately, I did not manage to snap a nice picture of the ice-cream. This is a MUST-TRY!

The Tarte Tatin with Vanilla Ice-Cream was also another dessert that had the girls at the table asking for more. Just look at the caramelized apple slices! Both ice creams are made in-house. The vanilla ice-cream had specks of vanilla beans in it which made it look more interesting, not to mention the fact that it adds to the intensity of the flavour.

Restaurant Ember 50 Keong Saik Road Singapore 089154 Tel: 6347-1928