Learn more about Malay Food during Singapore Food Festival 2012


Stand to win prizes worth more than S$ 500 by participating in a treasure hunt at Kampong Gelam during Singapore Food Festival 2012.

Culinary Adventures at Kampong Gelam

The treasure hunt has a similar format to The Amazing Race, whereby participants form teams of 2 and compete against other teams. There will be 5 pit stops. Participants will need to scour the information boards for clues about the unique seafood sold in the area, the significance of the street name, background and history about the area. They will be required to answer 30 questions in total to complete a crossword puzzle or perform tasks as penalty should they fail to answer the questions. The fastest team with all the correct answers will be awarded prizes worth more than S$ 500.

Singapore Food Festival Souvenir Tiffin Carrier
Singapore Food Festival Souvenir Tiffin Carrier

In addition, all participants will be given Singapore Food Festival souvenir tiffin carriers filled with delicious food from 5 pit stops within Kampong Gelam.

Seafood Treasures, Trails & Hunt

14 July 2012, Saturday        10.30 am to 12.30 pm @ S$ 35
15 July 2012, Sunday            3 pm to 5 pm                    @ S$ 35
18 July 2012, Wednesday    3 pm to 5 pm                   @ S$ 55 *
* Guided tour by TG, Mediacorp Radio DJ - Warna 94.2 FM
26 July 2012, Thursday        3 pm to 5 pm                   @ S$ 35
28 July 2012, Saturday         3 pm to 5 pm                   @ S$ 35


To register or for enquiries, call 6796-9331 or email: mhf@spoc.com.sg.

Deadline for registration: 13 July 2012, Friday

NB: All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Any registration after the deadline will be subject to availability of slots.

Culinary Masterclasses

Singapore Food Festival 2012's happening just before the month of Ramadan. To complement Ramadan's spirit of sharing and giving, 8 masterclasses will be conducted by 10 of the best celebrity chefs and cookbook authors of Malay cuisine. Children as young as 8 years old can learn essential cooking techniques in a fun environment as 2 of the masterclasses are  specially catered for younger culinary aspirants (accompanied by an adult - price is for both parent and child).

Spaces are limited so book yours by 13 July 2012 to enjoy early bird discounts (Early Bird Price of S$ 50 per participant vs Regular Price of S$65 per participant). Pre-registration is required.

Rita Zahara & Julina Khusaini
Ms. Rita Zahara & Julina Khusaini

Ms. Rita Zahara, entrepreneur, TV personality and cookbook author, is the Consultant for the Kampong Gelam precinct during Singapore Food Festival 2012. Here she is next to Ms. Julina Khusaini, General Manager for the Malay Heritage Foundation.


Author of "Malay Heritage Cooking", a Marshall Cavendish International publication, Ms Zahara will be conducting one of the masterclasses.

She is joined by 9 other culinary experts including Chef Nora Haron-Dunning, ambassador for the sustainable halal food movement and founder of "Sustainably Halal" in the US. The latter will be travelling from San Francisco especially for the event.

Chef profiles, schedule and class outlines are available for download from this link: Masterclasses at Kampong Gelam - Singapore Food Festival 2012

Autographed by the Author, Rita

One of the things I love about buying cookbooks when the author's present is the opportunity to get them autographed. Here's the autograph Ms. Zahara very artistically wrote on the copy that I purchased from her (S$ 38 direct from the author vs S$ 40.66 in bookstores).

Registration for Masterclasses

To register or for enquiries, call 6796-9331 or email: mhf@spoc.com.sg


Dr. Leslie Tay of ieatishootipost.sg will be conducting a hands-on session on photography and food blogging on 27 July 2012 at 6 pm. To register or for enquiries, call 6796-9331 or email: mhf@spoc.com.sg.

Pre-Ramadan Bazaar at Kampong Gelam (14 to 22 July)

There will be food stalls at Sultan Gate, so do pop by to savour some culinary treats this Singapore Food Festival.

Thank you, Malay Heritage Foundation and Word of Mouth Communications for inviting me to this media preview.


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